Now and forever (Richard Marx) – Hợp âm bài hát

b (Giáng) # (Thăng)


Intro: [G] [Am7] [D] [Am7] 2x

1. [G] When- [D] ever I’m [Em] weary
From the [Am] battles that [Am7] rage in my [D9] head
[G] You [D] make sense of [Em] madness
When my [Am] sanity [Am7] hangs by a [D9] thread
[C] I lose my [B7] way, but still you
[Em] Seem to under- [Em7] stand
Now and [Am7] forever, I will [D7] be your man

2. [G] Some [D] -times I just [Em] hold you
[Am] Too caught up [Am7] in me to [D9] see
[G] I’m hold [D] -ing a [Em] fortune
That [Am] Heaven has [Am7] given to [D9] me
[C] I’ll try to [B7] show you
Each and [Em] every [Em7] way I can [Em6]
Now and [Am7] forever, I will [D7] be your man [G] [Am7]

Chorus: [B7] Now I can [Em] rest my [C] worries
And [G] always be [D] sure
[Em] That I [C] won’t be [G] alone, any- [D] more
[Em] If I’d [C] only [G] known you were [D] there
All the [Am7] time, all this [Cm7] time

* [C] Until the [B7] day the ocean
[Em] Doesn’t [Em7] touch the [Em6] sand
Now and [Am7] fore-[D7] ver
I will be your man [G] [Am7]
Now and [Am7] for-[D7] ever
I will [C] be [Cm6] [G] [Am7] your [G] man

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