Never be the one – Quốc Bảo (Hợp âm bài hát)

  • Bài hát: Never be the one
  • Sáng tác: Quốc Bảo
  • Ca sỹ: Hy.,
  • Điệu: chọn điệu

    Thăng (#)
    Hợp âm chuẩn: C
    Giáng (b)

    (Tăng cỡ chữ)
    x2 (Nhân đôi lời)
    capo 1

    And this [C] time you’ve gone [Em] away
    I dry my eyes [Am] and smile
    And this time [F] you teared [G] my heart I see [C] myself a fool.
    Can you [F] be invisible [C]
    Can love [F] be some more [C] simple?
    I miss [Dm] you or try to [D] forget your eyes [G] forever?
    Love is [C] just the hardest [Em] thing I’ve ever [Am] done before.
    Loving [F] you seems like when [G] I knock at the [C] Heaven’s door
    The [F] secret of happiness [C] and the [F] pain of [C] loneliness
    Pray for [Dm] nights in words [G] of a broken [C] heart.
    I’ll never be the [C] one to hurt you, babe
    Never be the [F] one come down and say,
    "Just a little [Dm] game for you [G] and me, now leave [Gsus4] me with [G] somebody"
    Never be the [C] one to close the door
    Never be the [F] one to beg some more
    Never be [Dm] the one to make you [G] cry
    I’m [G#] the one [Fm] to love you as the [Gsus4] years go [C] by .

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    Never be the one

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