Complicated heart (Michael Learns to Rock) – Hợp âm bài hát

b (Giáng) # (Thăng)


1. [D] Don’t know what to say now
[C] Don’t know [G] where to start
[D] Don’t know how to handle
A [C] complicated [G] heart

[C] You tell me you are [Em] leaving [D]
[C] But I just have [G] to say
[Am] Before you [D] throw it [C] all a-[G] way

Chorus: Even if you [C] want to [D] go [G] alone
I will be [C] waiting when you'[D] -re comin’ [Em] home [D]
If you need [C] someone to [D] ease the [G] pain
You can lean on me, my [C] love will [D] still re-[G] main

2. [D] Don’t know what you’re thinkin’
[C] To me it seems [G] quite tough
[D] To all the conversation
When [C] words are not e-[G] nough

If this [C] is your [Em] decision [D]
[C] And there’s nothing [G] I can do, oh yeah
[Am] I can only [D] say to [G] you

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